Research Funding Opportunities in the US

California Research Publishers provides the best funding opportunities in the US. We welcome the global fund providers to utilize our platform to identify appropriate resources to conduct research & development that will benefit your organization or add value to scientific literature.

Government grants fund most scientific research (e.g., from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, etc.), companies researching and developing, and nonprofit foundations (e.g., the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, etc.).

California Research Publishers plays a role as a research manager -within this competitive market of research services. We review, approve, and submit a large number of proposals, negotiate the terms and conditions of numerous new and continuing awards and contracts, and manage countless non-financial post-award transactions.

The process of grant writing and funding is a somewhat delicate process for both the funders and the grantee: the funder want to choose the research that best fits their scientific principles, and the individual grantees wish to apply for research in which they have the best chances but also in which they can build a body of work towards future scientific endeavours. At California Research Publishers, we guide the researchers in grant writing. We thoroughly study each funder's whole granting process and help researchers write a proposal that answers those of targeted funding. We may work in association with your institution or organization so that any contradiction to their established policies would be erased out of the equation.

Our model grants high success rates to the researchers. Any researcher (from developing countries) is eligible to avail of these services. We charge nothing from the researcher for the guidance; all they have to do is to sign-up with our system and clear a simple test to verify their authenticity as a researcher.

Research Institutes

Our focus is on governmental and nonprofit sponsors. Our role in proposal development is limited to a high-level review to ensure that each proposal is responsive to both the sponsor's guidelines and the institutes' policies. Award negotiation focuses on coordinating the sponsor's needs with the institute's requirements.

Individual Researcher

What we do is to provide the services; our scientists need to obtain funding and to carry out research easier and better. The biggest challenge for us in the future is, how to give precision service to specific scientists according to their specific needs and requirements. It is important to provide enough funds for experts to carry out their research with freedom. In addition, it is also necessary to build a fair and open system to evaluate the funds for selecting the best proposals.

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